Snoozer is an Android app with which you can temporarly disable wifi, mobile data or ringtone. After the set up time has expired, internet or ringtone will be restored again.

For example, if you are watching a movie, you might want your phone to be silent, but only for two hours. So you start Snoozer and it will mute your phone during the movie and automatically restore your ringtone after two hours have expired.

Or if you are out for lunch with your friends you might want to get important phone calls but not those annoying facebook messages an emails, so you can just let your phone unmuted but snooze internet (wifi and/or mobile data).

There are many more situations where you might want to use Snoozer:

  • while having a date
  • during a meeting
  • at church
  • at cinema
  • at lunch
  •  …

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Eine Antwort auf „Snoozer“

  1. Die App stellt leider nicht auf die vorherige Toneinstellung zurück, sonder aktiviert nach dem Ablauf der Snooze-Zeit immer ‚laut‘. Schade. Sonst wäre sie 5 Sterne.

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